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The Logo Shop

Customizable pre-designed logos are a cost effective and efficient alternative to a custom brand package. You choose a logo design from the shop and I customize it for your business within one week. This service sets you up for quick success with all of the files and variations you need!

So, how does this work?

1. Choose a logo that reflects you + your business, then click Add to Cart.

2. You'll receive an information doc with all the next steps, which include >>>

3. Me gathering info like your business name, color likes / dislikes.

4. I get to work customizing your logo choice + deliver final files to your inbox within a week!

5. You launch your new look + continue with confidence and ease!

This is a great option for you if:

  • You are a busy business owner in need of a fresh new look

  • You need an economical branding solution

  • Your business has grown and the DIY logo you've been using just doesn't cut it anymore

  • Creating your own logo stresses you out, and that's not what you do anyway

  • You'd like guidance on brand colors and how they can solidify your visual presence

  • You want a logo that is yours alone - not a template that 100's of other businesses have access to utilizing

regina falangie ind consultant web graphic 2.png
bennet collins lifestyle coach web graphic.png
headshot circle.png
bc circle stamp  taupe.png

Prefer a more custom experience? Great! If you'd like to go through the custom design process, head on over to the Branding page to get started!

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